Too Many Books?

Just been looking at Your Shelves where you feature your bookshelves. My room did look like somewhere that was the home of a poor soul about to be sectioned under the Mental Health Act for their personal safety(as the Wife said each time she walked the room- the obvious solution of not entering was deemed unworthy of a reply. I have now spent a day and half reorganising and this is the result.

This is the entrance to my study/library. It houses over 2300 books some of which I have owned over 30 years, But around 1000 flooded in over the past 18 months via book-swapping and recycle sites.The window in the door went to glass heaven when the bookshelves(yes bricks and floorboards!) collapsed. My argument that it now let more light into the hallway was subject to an honest and frank exchange.

The yellow sign says Bookworm, Eat, Drink and Read and comes from a Library Book-Cafe in Beijing which was several large rooms with wall to wall bookshelves of second-hand and new books. The tables were lit by library desk lights so they glowed at night and were full of people reading in groups, talking, drinking and eating. Its a growing chain so who knows they may yet be one down your street!

As you walk in this is the second bookshelf which is hybrid of an existing bookshelf extended with a bricks and board shelf. Given the drama of the fall this and the other is kept on the straight and narrow by no more nails to stick the wood to the wall(Not quite got round to telling the wife that if we sell and have to declutter and magnolia then most of the plaster will er…need refreshing.)

The reorganisation has now left me with a desk that previously was buried in books and computer thingies. The face on the wall isn’t me after a dodgy prawn but a ghost mask from China. Window covered as you don’t want to see the garden, as I tend to ignore the hints of the neighbours… not much sunlight when trees get tall, sheep are good for keeping grass down, takes time to design a garden… as I sit and read on the(stone) reading patio).

This is the main wall facing the last bookshelf and are fancy IKEA proper shelves. They were a mistake as they are too deep and take up space that could have fitted in more shelves ! Yes you can see stars and planets, the room was decorated by our ex lodgers (when we were else where for five years) as a views from a spaceship. The ceiling has luminous paint spots so at night it glows as if looking at a far away galaxy.

This is the bookshelf that creates the passage into the room and in the middle is a double bookshelf again of bricks and planks, When I was a student I built my bookshelves out of planks and milk bottles. One Landlord came sniffing around when I was moving and got most vocal when I explained that what he was calling mess was a library( yes reader there was a time when people didn’t know about the benefits of recycling).

Well thank you for taking the time for the tour. The fat old bloke in the corner? Claims to be me but can’t be as I am fit, forty and fortified, and he is flabby, fifty and for the knackers yard. But they do say that the camera adds 10lbs and ten years…


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